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LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR Bernard Loupias commenting on " Perfect Emptiness " :
" Perfect Emptiness : a title that's as great as the recording. It's all about letting the beauty surface. It floods this thrilling record. Dissonances, streams of pure silver, melodic undertows, shared sweetness ; this trio, haunted by music, holds nothing back. "

LIBERATION Serge Loupien commenting on " jeux d'ombres "
"Everything is vital in it ; everything seems essential. It seems that the marginal Tchangodei has achieved such control of his inspiration, that even if he felt like it, he would be completely incapable of allowing himself the slightest superfluous note. "

Y. Plougastel commenting on " jeux d'ombres " :
" Here comes trance - like music, flapping in the light. Suddenly it decomposes into a series of chaotic sounds (…) It's not easy to listen to. At times it might even scare you. It irritates you.... Then there's remission. Flight to heaven. Like the eagle's flight above the venoms of Africa or the Western world. "

LIBERATION Serge Loupien commenting on " Ginseng " :
"To discover (Tchangodei) playing be-bop is a real of delight. Even Shepp, who's preferences lie elsewhere, feels his soul taking on a Coltranien sway. Result : another one of those confidential delights. His determination to barr off all compromising external influences ( against all polution, one is tempted to say ), is a clear confirmation of the existence in France, of a young pianist full of talent. "


Jean Pierre Moussaron commenting on " Ginseng " :
Tchangodei seems to know how to respond to Charles Juliet's exhortation quoted on the jacket :
" Walk (…) until you find in you the homeland you've been searching for " : right hand trills like rain falling, telluric effluvia lie in waiting under the left, intermittent sounds of lute or mandoline, rubato wandering... constitute the fabric of the deep chant that he engraves on the keyboard.

A.G commenting on " Eagle's Flight " :
" A very good record… One simply must admire Tchangodei(…) He has succesfully conversed with the greatest without renouncing his own personality, small as it may appear to be - not only with Shepp, but Mal Waldron as well. To these great figures, he is much more than a mere " acceptable accompanist " :he's a real source of inspiration. Listening to the title piece or " Ballade for Mandela " will give you all of the conviction you need. "

T. Bouffechoux
commenting on " Les venins d'Afrique " :
" Tchangodei's eleventh recording is simply excellent. You'll find yourself under the charm of the two pianos : One unveils or arouses the other ; unending play of convexity - concavity, kinds of magical and trance- autosuggestions. ( venoms are at home in Africa...) (…) Mal Waldron - Tchangodei, the osmosis is perfect (…) Complicity, sensitivity, emotion, inadequate words to describe such a gifted jazz pianist.

L'EVENEMENT DU JEUDI Yann Plougastel commenting on " Three for freedom " :
" It's amazing the way Archie Shepp, master of turbulent and wild pieces, slips the snarls of his sax into the harmonic weave. Mal Waldron, Eric Dolphy's former companion, contributes a discret lyricism that comes close to Charles Juliet's poetry, whose text is featured on the cover."

Xavier Prévost commenting on " The Wasp " :
"This time, Tchangodei collaborates with Steve Lacy (...) Their personnal styles blend perfectly : it's " The other way " a dual voyage forging a new path.

Serge Loupien commenting on " Les danses statue " :
" And with each of his new recordings, the bewildered critic poses the same question : what are we waiting for to make him known, to put him on tour, to have him play, to simply alow the survival of such an original musician who seems to issue from nothing that already exists.
He resembles none other ; he is unique.
Francis Marmande
commenting on " Pas à Pas" ( step by step) :
Tchangodei's first record " Le Défi " (The challenge) arouses much more than plain interest. The second record does much more than simply take up the challenge. Step by step, piece by piece, Tchangodei pursues an experience that nothing would dare hinder... The music breaks apart, isolating units and moments, and the silences are rich. Then, the music reveals itself whole before our very eyes. "

comments on " Desert sur Dione " :
"Tchangodei, striving to " play with silence " doesn't hesitate to bring out, sometimes by somewhat artificial changes in tempo, the discordances of this world ; a little bit like Cecil Taylor, one gets the impression that he is at war with his instrument, as if the piano were the mediator between the opaqueness of the world an man"

Philippe Baudry commenting on " Face à la vie " :
" Entirely assymetrical, the pianistic allegories he offers us bring out his virtuoso qualities, that are staggering, yet subtle, both insiduous and caustic, dreamy and violent. "



Concert in Avignon
" It was in March 1989, one of the most beautiful concerts presented at the jazz-club, one of those rare concerts whose memory still lingers with those who were present. "

Concert with Itaru Oki and Kent Carter at the 7th festival of jazz and actual musics : Welkenraei - Belgium

" A closely-knit trio that acquired performing experience throughout the years in Europe as well as in Japan. This trio's music is rich in spirituality and profondly beautiful.The limpid phrases of the piano, the fragile song of the trumpet or flute and the clear line of the double-bass aspire together the same quietude. "

Concert at the New Morning - Paris - LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR
" When Tchangodei, a unique pianist gives a concert in Paris, it's a rare treat. "

Concerts in Lyon at "Le Bec de Jazz" - LIBERATION
" Tchangodei a rêvé de devenir musicien en écoutant un disque de Ray Charles. (…)
Même si elle ne ressemble pas à celle de Ray Charles, la musique de Tchangodei en a la chaleur tonique "